True estate home is an immovable home refers to land, fixture and appurtenances or nearly anything everlasting in character like buildings, tress, minerals, and the interest, positive aspects, and inherent legal rights.

Frequently true estate attributes incorporate

  • Vacant land

Farm and ranch

  • Residential attributes

   Different types of properties, including condominiums, individual properties, duplexes, substantial worth properties, holidays properties, etcetera.

  • Commercial attributes

Commercial home can be empty land zoned for professional use, or an existing small business constructing or buildings.

Things responsible for owning true estate attributes

  • 4th household/lord: signifies dwelling and home relevant issues.
  • Mars and Saturn: are key significator planets of home and dwelling relevant issues.
  • Venus: signifies luxuries and precious issues.  

 Different combination for owning true estate attributes

  • Lord of 4th household is in exaltation/individual sign/helpful sign/involved or aspected by benefice, indicates the surplus true estate home of the native.
  • Lord of 4th posited in tenth and tenth lord is posited in 4th household, aspected by Mars or owning a powerful Mars in the horoscope denotes surplus true estate home.
  • Lord of 4th is posited in 4th household and aspected by a benefice indicates the native will have surplus of land and extra of homes, which will fill his lifetime with pleasure and happiness.
  • Lords of 4th and ninth put in 11th and aspected by benefice, native will be the proprietor of lands and numerous homes.
  • Lord of 4th and Jupiter put with each other in quadrant show extra of land and homes.
  • Signal of household/Lord of 4th is of moveable character indicates the native will have many true estate attributes in numerous areas.
  • Lord of 4th posited in 2nd/11th indicates the native will get extra of land home.
  • Lords of ascendant, third, 4th, 6th, seventh, ninth and twelfth are with the lord of fifth indicates the native will have substantial excellent mine land. 
  • Lord of ascendant is put in 2nd, and lord of 2nd is put in 11th and the lord of 11th is posited in ascendant, indicates the ownership of mining home.
  • Lords of 4th and11th trade their homes the native will get unanticipated home.
  • Lord of 4th and ninth posited in 11th household and lord of 2nd put in tenth household show the unexpected attain of true estate attributes.

Denial of true estate home in horoscope

  • Lord of 4th is debilited/set/inimical put/involved or aspected with malefic/hammed among malefic planets, show absence or reduction of true estate attributes.
  • Mars is debilited/set/inimically put/involved or aspected by malefic, indicates absence of true estate home.


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